15 Memorable Tablescape Ideas For Your Wedding

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Deciding on your wedding decor and colour scheme is a major thing that you usually have to
decide early on in your wedding planning. From the ceremony to the reception, your style and
taste is apparent in every single element you choose to decorate your wedding venue with, so
you need to make sure it’s perfectly suited to you and your future spouse.
One way to really highlight your wedding decor theme is your wedding reception’s table
decoration! Tablescapes – sometimes also called table settings – are a great opportunity to
provide your guests with an unforgettable dining experience that is a feast for the eyes as well
as the belly.
Whether you’re into a rustic style, or you prefer a more glamorous vibe, we’ve collected
inspiration from around the globe to make your wedding tablescape unique and memorable!

15 Amazing Tablescape Ideas

  1. Rustic chic

Neutral colours and raw textures are the basis of this look, from the natural linens to the choice
of florals. Pairing dried wild flowers and fruits introduce a bit of freshness to the table, and the

entire look is elevated with different sized clear vessels and modern minimalistic glassware and
dinnerware. Perfect for the couple that loves simple, natural textures, and effortless chic!

2. Jewel Tones

If you’re a fan of colour, this one’s for you! Rich saturated tones add a dramatic flair to your
tables – think deep pinks, purples, greens, and blues. Candles help to soften the whole look and
add a bit of romance. Add a bit of green to make it all pop – this moss table runner is a clever
way to do it. A simple pink napkin completes this simple but impactful table setting.

3. Vintage Details

This look is perfect if you find yourself drawn to vintage and retro aesthetics, particularly if you
have a collection of vintage items that you can use to add a bit of personality to the tablescape.
Vintage plates and glassware are especially impactful for this look, and no, nothing has to
match! This even goes for the seating and the table itself – mismatched pieces really look
amazing when you go for a vintage look.

4. Modern Minimalist

The key components of this modern minimalist look is clean lines and a restrained colour
palette. White is a popular choice, but any neutral tone will look amazing as long as it’s kept
monochromatic! Acrylic chairs add a modern vibe, and a dramatic floral arrangement elevates
the whole look to make it wedding-worthy.

5. Cosy Hygge Vibes

The Danish concept of hygge has come to encompass an overall feeling of cosiness, and this
tablescape is great for bringing a sense of comfort that will keep your guests at ease. Using faux
animal hides like fur and sheepskin, as well as an assortment of candles in different sizes, can
make any venue feel truly cosy and comfy! Dark wood and moody autumnal florals add a more
formal tone while still keeping that home-like vibe.

6. Gorgeous Glass

Delicate, unique, and sure to be a conversation starter, this gorgeous tablescape is created with
arranging glass baubles above the table. You can keep them empty, fill them with tea candles,
or pop some greenery in them. No matter what, they are sure to make an impression! Glass
cloches and vessels on the table itself come together to create a classy (or dare we say, glassy)
and cohesive look.

7. Orange You Ready to Take the Plunge?

Warm tones of orange, yellow, and white brings a springtime vibe to your celebrations, no matter the season. Whether you pair it with crisp neutrals for a warm weather wedding or a more autumnal colour scheme for cooler seasons, these warm hues introduce an effortless and fresh energy to the table. Keep other details pared back to keep the focus on the beautiful hues of the flower arrangements.

Let bold floral shapes and colours take center stage! To make this look suitable for a wedding reception, choose large flowers with expressive shapes and place them in luxurious decorative vessels or plant stands. You can create a multi-coloured look or go with a subtle monochromatic scheme. This tablescape would look incredible with big bold blooms like lilies, carnations, roses, dandelions, daisies.

9. Love Uncaged

Let your guests’ imagination take flight by using bird cages as a centerpiece! Take it up a notch by painting it white, or use metallic paint to add a little more shine to the festivities. You can decorate it with flowers, candles, and even accessories like a pearl necklace (as seen in the photo!). You could even keep it simple with a single pillar candle inside the cage!

10. Inspired by Nature

If you enjoy the colour and texture of the great outdoors, then why not use nature as a source of inspiration? Neutral tones act as a blank canvas for dried flowers on the table and dried leaves up above. Simple candles and dainty fairy lights provide subtle lighting, keeping the focus on the shape and texture of the natural details of this eco-friendly wedding tablescape!

11. Floating on Cloud Nine

Floating lanterns and balloons will give a lightness to your festivities. Make sure to choose tones that suit your wedding colour scheme, and invest in high-quality pieces that will bring airy elegance to your big day. Don’t forget to dispose of them safely and responsibly so they don’t end up in our oceans! You could even re-use these versatile options for future festivities.

12. Pretty Pastel

This is such a sweet, subtle, and classic option. Pastels are often seen as overtly feminine, but we beg to differ! To make pastels more modern, avoid saccharine sweet tones and pair soft pinks and peaches with cream or white florals. Definitely stick to a white tablecloth, and neutral (non-pastel) dinnerware to really class it up.\

13. Dark and Romantic

This is for the ones who like a bit of drama! Deep hues like maroon and black look luxurious and elegant, particularly if the venue also complements those tones. Multiple candles on a tall candelabra adds subtle lighting to the space. Choose dark-coloured seating to further enhance the moody vibes of this tablescape.

14. Hamptons Fete

Bring the beachy glamour of the Hamptons to your wedding by using navy and white stripes for your table and seats. Single-hued floral arrangements look effortless alongside simple dinnerware, bringing a touch of luxury to your wedding. The key is to keep the colour palette simple and crisp!

15. Tall Trees

Go bold and add tall, tree-like structures to your tablescape! The key to making this look work is by keeping the other details pared back, like these gorgeous candles set along the table in glass vessels. Even bare branches could work well for these tablescapes, as long as there are beautiful lines to work with.

Create a statement in your tablescapes

Your wedding decor says a lot about who you are as a couple, so make a statement! Whether you copy every component of these looks, or just pick and choose from a bunch of them, we know that you’ll be able to create a tablescape that not only showcases your tastes, but makes for a memorable night for your guests too!

Looking for a unique tablescape but don’t have the time to DIY? Our wedding decorators and stylists are the best in the business, and will help you create a one-of-a-kind table setting that is sure to suit your needs perfectly.

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