20 Unique Wedding Favour Ideas For Your Big Day

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Guests come from far and wide to celebrate your big day, and it’s only right to celebrate their presence at your wedding! Wedding favours – also known as bombonieres – are a fantastic way to show your appreciation for the guests who attend your wedding.

They are also a great way to commemorate your special day, especially if you choose to personalise it with details like your names and your wedding date. Think about the last time you went on an amazing vacation. Didn’t you love bringing something home as a souvenir? Wedding favours give your guests something to cherish, sparking their memories of your wedding and all the emotions they felt on the day. 

However, with all the different wedding favours out there, it can sometimes be tricky to choose the right one! So we’re showcasing 20 unique wedding favour ideas for your guests that will be sure to wow them!

1. Candles

Supplied: RuSoy

Candles are hugely popular in home decor, so gifting your guests with personalised candles is a surefire way to decorate their home and has the added bonus of imbuing their home with a lovely scent too! RuSoy make amazing soy candles, and you can even personalise their wedding favour candles with your favourite scents and packaging too.


A gift both beautiful and practical, handmade soaps feel both luxurious and rustic. This practical gift is a great way to provide something useful for your guests that also looks good! Personalise your soaps, like this one from Custom Favours, by choosing your favourite ingredients and including your names on the packaging.

  1. Personalised cookies

Yummy cookies are sure to be appreciated by your guests! Take it up a notch by personalising them with your name, wedding date, and even your wedding colour themes. These scrumptious cookies by Zacari Food Co. look absolutely delightful, don’t you think?

  1. Chocolate

Pretty much everybody loves chocolate, so this is a great wedding favour if you’re wanting a crowd pleaser. Choose from either white, milk, or dark chocolate, and choose luxe decoration and wrapping to really elevate it and match your colour theme! These chocolates squares by CoCouture look so opulent and modern, and happen to be incredibly delicious too.

  1. Sunnies

Are you planning on a summer wedding? Is it going to happen outdoors? Do your guests a favour (pun intended) and provide them with a practical gift for the wedding itself! Simple black sunglasses are universally flattering, and are generally really affordable to buy in bulk as well.

  1. DIY cookie decorating kit

If you want a combination of providing your guests with a memorable activity and a sweet treat, this DIY Cookie Decorating Kit by Gula Gula Cakes may be the best wedding favour you could give! Decorating cookies is the most fun part of making a cookie, so let your guests skip the baking and go straight to decorating (and eating, of course!).

  1. Seeds to plant

After a chance to give back to nature while you give to your guests? Plant seeds are an incredibly earth-friendly option as far as wedding favours go. You could always DIY this by popping a few flower, herb, or fruit tree seeds in a small pouch. You could even give a plantable wedding favour like this one from A Walk To Remember Studio, which is a piece of handmade paper with seeds inside that your guests can plant when they get home!

  1. Custom temporary tattoos

This one is really unique and fun, and can even double as a photo prop! Temporary tattoos go on really quickly and last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. You can personalise them with your own custom design or use a template where you can feature your names or wedding date!

  1. Self-care kits

Most people – including your guests – are likely to be too busy in their everyday lives to take a moment for themselves. Encourage a moment of self-care by providing them with a gift like these Soaking Bath Salts by Bunting and Twine.

  1. Fans

This is another fantastic idea for a warm weather wedding. Fans aren’t just practical on the day – they’re sure to be a mainstay in your guests’ lives throughout the summer too! Personalise your folding fans by engraving your names and wedding date, like on these wooden fans by Personalised Favours.

  1. Mini succulents

Add a little life into your guests’ homes with indoor plants! There are so many options to choose from, but succulents are notoriously hardy, so they’re bound to stay alive for a long time. They also look great in different packaging, from glass jars, little boxes, or even cute mini buckets like these ones from Fleurieu Gifts!

  1. Key chains

We love the idea of wedding guests using their wedding favours daily. What a great way to remember your big day, and how much you mean to them! This wedding favour is one of those things that we can all find a use for, so give them a personalised keychain like this gorgeous wooden one by EtchIt!

  1. Shot glasses

Shot glasses are fun, festive, and really call to mind the celebrations of your big day. Personalise this wedding favour with a cheeky quip along with your names to make it a real collector’s item! Fabulous Favours has a selection of shot glass wedding favours and personalisation templates, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Bottom’s up!

  1. Hangover kits

Give your guests a gift to remember from a night they probably…don’t remember. These hangover kits – cleverly dubbed Wedding Recovery Kits – are such a clever gift because it’s something your guests will likely need the next day! Chock full of items that will help them cope with the morning after the night before.

  1. Pots of jam

This sweet gift is a lovely way for guests to look back on your beautiful wedding during their next Sunday brekkie. You can choose to put your favourite flavour of jam in a jar, and bless your guests with a delicious edible gift. Take it a step further with a bit of customisation to make it that much more memorable.

  1. Tea leaves

Who doesn’t like a cup of tea with their arvo snack? This rustic wedding favour looks great as a gift, and tastes great too! Tea leaves come in so many fragrant variants, so make sure to choose a mix that really reflects who you are as a couple. Pine Tea and Coffee Co. makes gorgeous tea wedding favours that are sure to delight your guests!

  1. Compact mirrors

Compact mirrors are so useful to have, and a personalised version is sure to be a cherished gift. Choose from different finishes, fonts, and designs to reflect your personality. These rose gold compact mirrors by Jamie’s Design Boutique are a really cute option! You could pop each guest’s name on every mirror, or put a simple “thank you” on them.

  1. Personalised bottle openers

Another practical yet aesthetically pleasing gift, a personalised bottle opener like this engraved one by EtchIt is sure to make an impression! It’s sure to be used plenty at your guests’ barbecues and Sunday brunches, and would look fabulous in any kitchen.

  1. Coasters

No one wants water rings all over their dining table! Let your guests have a pretty coaster upon which their cold drinks can sit, with a beautiful reminder like the one on this engraved cherry wood coaster by Giftware Direct.

  1. Donate to a charity in their name

If you want a wedding favour that is meaningful and memorable, then this is the option for you. Donate to your favourite charities in your guests’ name, and give them a card to inform them. This not only raises awareness about your favourite charity, but also gives your guests an opportunity to donate to a good cause themselves, if they so choose. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Starlight Children’s Foundation makes it easy for you to give the gift of hope, and you can even personalise your wedding favour card with your names! They have a large variety of colours and designs to suit any wedding too.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation can even send you free wedding favour cards with each $2 you donate for every wedding guest.

Gifts to remember you by

When you give your guests a gift that is unique and memorable, your wedding favour becomes more than just an object. It becomes a symbol of love, friendship, celebration, and sometimes even hope.
If you’re looking for the right wedding favour for your guests, The National Wedding Directory is your premier destination to find the best wedding favour and bomboniere vendors in Australia. No matter what unique gift you’re after, you will definitely find the right one for you!

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