30 Awesome Entertainment Options For Your Wedding

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When it comes to planning a wedding, keeping your guests happy and entertained at your wedding is one of the trickiest things to do. It doesn’t help that in the age of social media, people’s expectations have become really high!

A good entertainment option for your wedding should be something that is memorable, and adds a little something extra to the entire experience. Whether it’s a visual spectacle, an audio extravaganza, or a pleasure for their palates, your esteemed guests deserve to have a good time that they can look back on for years to come.

If you’re not sure how you’re going to keep your guests amused during your wedding, we’ve got you covered!

Break The Ice and Have Some Fun

Look, the truth is, weddings can be really awkward, particularly if your guests don’t know each other or have never even met! Help break the ice and speed up the introduction process with these fun entertainment ideas that you can plan ahead with your wedding decorator.

1. Table trivia

All you need to do is prepare a set of trivia cards at the table, appoint someone to ask the questions, someone else to keep score, and let them battle it out! Bonus points if you can make the trivia questions related to you or the theme of the wedding.

2. Board games

Whether it’s a bit of snakes and ladders, or a riveting game of tic tac toe, leave a variety of small board games at the table so guests can play with each other! Try to avoid games that are too involved, like Monopoly or Clue.

3. Giant games

If you have the space for it, upsize your board games! Giant chess, giant Jenga, and even a giant Twister mat can be heaps of fun and will help break the ice in no time!

4. Lego sets

If the highly acclaimed Lego Masters series is anything to go by, this beloved classic has well and truly become a mainstream hobby! Let each table work together on building a set, or just give them a box of Lego and a challenge like on the TV competition show.

Something to Watch?

Do you want to give your guests a night to remember? Then treat them to a spectacle unlike anything else they’ve ever seen!

1. Table chefs

Most people don’t get to see their food being prepared right in front of them, so this can be an amazing thing to see! Whether your chefs are straight up cooking at the table, or plating their food in an artful manner, it’s said that you eat your food with your eyes first, so give them something to feast their eyes upon.

2. Magician

Few things match the shock and awe that even the simplest magic tricks can incite. No matter the age group, there’s something about magic that fascinates people. Magicians like Toby Z. Magic are not just there to perform magic, they’re there as performance artists.

3. Awards ceremony

This is a fun way to show your appreciation for your guests while keeping them entertained! Awards could be for “Best Dressed”, “Funniest Dad Jokes”, or “Most Likely To Not Remember This Night”.

4. Comedian

When people laugh together, there’s a shared sense of camaraderie that can make for a really warm and friendly occasion. Choose a comedian that has a sense of humour you know your guests would appreciate, and certainly make sure their jokes are kid-safe if there are children in attendance.

5. Circus show

Look, you may not have Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, or Zendaya at your wedding (or maybe you do, we don’t know!), but you can certainly have the circus put on a show for your guests! This option is certain to delight guests of all ages.

6. Trapeze artist

We usually don’t have much reason to look up at the ceiling during a wedding, but trapeze artists will make full use of that often overlooked vertical space! These flexible daredevils create a beautiful visual that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

7. Cultural showcase

If you and/or your partner are from a culture that has a unique wedding tradition, then your big day is the perfect time to showcase it for all your guests! Whether it’s the Chinese lion dance, Malay silat show, Guatemalan wedding bells, or the French Canadian sock dance, these traditions deserve the spotlight! It also allows people to become more familiar with the myriad cultural practices from around the world, which is always an eye-opening experience.

Dance the night away

After an emotional wedding ceremony and amazing reception meal, the reception party is a chance for you and your guests to kick off your shoes and let your hair down! Lead them on a musical adventure that’ll keep them grooving all night long.

1. Live music band

If you’re a fan of live music, a band can bring amazing energy to your party. Make sure you choose a band with the right sound for your wedding, and definitely provide them with a list of songs ahead of time so you know they’ll play your favourites during the night!

2.Tribute band

A variation to the live music band, this is a fantastic option if you and your partner are a fan of a certain band that you can’t realistically get to play at your wedding. Tribute bands are usually very dedicated to their reproduction of a band’s look and sound, so after a few drinks, you and your guests may not even notice the difference.

3. Acoustic duo

After a more chilled out vibe? Then this may be the right option for you. Allow a singer and accompanying musician like Kahuna Duo to serenade your guests with their acoustic sounds through the night.

4. DJ

This is an amazing option not just because you’ll get to dance to your favourite music through the night, but also get a host that’ll create an awesome, seamless mix of songs while keeping the party going!

5. Harpist

Timeless and oh-so-elegant, this is for the couple that prioritises luxury and opulence in everything they do. Harpists are incredible at their craft, and inject a unique aural experience that few others can replicate.

6. Opera singers

Sure, this option may not suit everyone, but have you ever heard an opera singer perform in an enclosed space? There’s a magnificence and awesome nature to it that can’t quite be put into words!

A savvy souvenir

If you want your entertainment to pull double duty, then one (or more) of these may be the right option for you! Not only will you keep your guests amused, but they’ll also be able to bring something home. Think of it as bespoke and experiential wedding favours.

1. Face painter

You’d think that this is one for the kids, but the numerous photos from Coachella prove otherwise! Give your guests some wearable art for the day – you could even arrange to have thematic face paint designs featuring you and your partner’s favourite things!

2. Photo booth

Photo booths are such a fun option, especially if you prepare some props! Here’s a tip for finding the right props: the more outlandish, the better.

3. Caricaturist

Having your portrait drawn by an artist like Jay Harley Caricatures isn’t just fun, it’s the very definition of bespoke! Give your guests something to bring home and frame up, and you’ll know that they’ll remember you each time they walk past this piece of art.

4. Silhouette artist

Similar to the caricaturist, this is a wonderful way for your guests to bring home something from the night that is personalised. This is a great option if you know your guests would appreciate something more elegant and minimalist.

Get them involved

People love getting involved in weddings, so why not give your guests a chance to entertain you? Remember, this needs to be fun for the guests, so don’t make it seem like work!

1. Video message recording

Hire a videographer to record your wedding guests’ thoughts on the night. They can ask questions like, “Do you have any advice for the newlyweds?” to prompt your guests. The video will be a cherished memory for you to look back on through the years.

2. Casino

Give your guests a James Bond experience by creating a casino at your wedding! Have your favourites, like a black jack and roulette table.

3. Karaoke

We know this one’s a little divisive, but if you know your guests are confident enough to sing in front of an audience, then give them a chance to put on a show!

4. Dance-off competition

We’ve attended weddings where this ends up happening whether or not it’s on the schedule, so you may well end up hosting one without planning on it. Make it fun by doing something like boys versus girls, and definitely encourage only the cheesiest dance moves around.

It’s all about having a good time

Your wedding should be a day of joy and laughter, so create an atmosphere that will grant your guests a day they won’t soon forget!

If you’re looking for the perfect entertainment options for your wedding, start by looking through our list of vendors. You’ll definitely find something that will perfectly suit your wedding (and your wedding guests).

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