Everything You Need To Know in Preparing For A Bridal Boudoir Photography Session

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Wedding planning is one of the most exciting and thrilling undertakings you will experience as a woman in love. Looking at Instagram, Pinterest boards and magazines for inspiration can be enjoyable.  However, the planning per se is not a piece of old tackle. Since your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, everything about it shall live up to your idea of perfection. No one will blame you, though; everyone who is in your shoes probably feels the same way as you do.

Finding the perfect wedding dress, an outstanding venue, or an excellent photographer is not always easy. You might have been travelling, in various places, in search of the best wedding vendors out there. Another option is to attend a wedding expo to discover various ones in a single place. The likes of Wedding Expos Australia conducts glamorous events that showcase the best vendors in the industry. These talented creatives and organizers have been delivering exceptional assistance to every soon-to-be-married couple. 

Choosing the right vendor for your flowers, decorations, and everything wedding-related can be difficult. More so if a surplus of equally pretty options attract you. It can be overwhelming. Hence, why don’t you reward yourself with a treat you deserve? One of the best ways to do this is to have a boudoir photo shoot before your wedding! At Woman by Pierre, it is my mission to empower every modern woman. Through a boudoir session, not only can you relax and have a “me” time, but you will also gain a heightened appreciation for the diligent woman that you are. Also, the photographs can make a good gift for your future spouse.

To take the first step, read some of the things you need to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot:

1. Boudoir Wardrobe

Usual pieces worn on the photoshoots include bra and undies as well as lingerie such as bodysuits and slip dresses. Actually, there is no limit! You can even wear everyday clothing or casual attire such as a tee and a pair of jeans.

Most women take the opportunity to invest (or splurge) in new lingerie. As they say, getting new pieces makes them feel more confident, which complements every photoshoot experience. Plus, this is a great idea for honeymoons! Whatever your style is, make sure to wear pieces that you feel comfortable in. Hence, spend time trying on different outfits until you find an ensemble or two that speak to you. 

2. Accessories

Add spice to your outfit by putting on your favourite accessories. May it be a piece of sparkly jewellery, a silky robe, or an adorable headpiece, the choice is yours. You can also try on a mask and hold a feather fan. If the engaged woman that you are wants to theme her photoshoot per her special day, wearing a bridal veil and garter is definitely a good idea.

3. Props

Some women are not used to being in front of the camera, especially those who are new to boudoir. If you feel that you will get nervous as soon as you see the lens, bringing some props to keep your hands a little busy during the photoshoot might help. This can show a bit more of your personality as well as may aid in executing a variety of poses. Options include but not limited to rose petals, a book, or any of your (or your lover’s) favourite items.

4. Hair and Makeup

Glamming up is not mandatory, but a fitting hairstyle and an excellent makeup definitely complement the shots. Plus, these may boost your confidence, which adds to the overall quality of the photoshoot. Whether you are going for a natural or daring look,  the decision is yours. Just make sure it matches your theme and your attire. Hence, practice with your favourite makeup palette and hair items. An alternative is to look out for a makeup artist and hairstylist who can bring the look you’re aiming for.

5. Poses

Most photoshoots last for two hours. Hence, rehearsing your poses in advance will definitely save you time during the actual session. If you are looking for inspiration, try scrolling down through Pinterest for impressive ideas. The next step is to experiment by executing these in front of the mirror, better if you are wearing your boudoir outfit. Practice makes perfect. Do it consistently then, without you knowing, you are striking flattering poses naturally in no time.

6. Final Touch Ups

Details can make or break a photograph. If a mani-pedi or a waxing session will make you feel rested and more comfortable, indulge yourself. Remember your boudoir photographs will show the empowered woman that you are for a long time. Hence, invest in the little things. If having a spa is your thing, have one on the day before the shoot. This will help you feel good and ready to face the camera.

7. Final Tips

On the week leading up on the day of your session, stack up on healthy meals and hydrate yourself for lovely and glowing skin. On the day itself, skip wearing items that are tight to the skin to avoid markings that can affect your overall look. Last but not least, be yourself and embrace the glamorous woman that you are.

Woman by Pierre

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