Liam Cooper

Cover artist performing absolute bangers from the 80s, 90s, 00s and now.

Liam Cooper

Who is Liam Cooper? He is more than a talented musician, he’s a musical entrepreneur. A performer and an ‘ideas man’ – Liam devotes himself 100% to music, his one true passion, translating his love of the craft into a flourishing career. With a musical adventure that began as a small child, Liam had already performed in front of thousands of people at Sydney’s Entertainment Centre for the NSW School’s Spectacular, sung the National Anthem at ANZ Stadium for the Sydney Olympics 10 Year Anniversary and entertained audiences at Tom Jones’ and Lady Gaga’s sold-out Sydney shows – all before graduating from high school. While completing a Bachelor of Commerce at the Uni of Wollongong, Liam became a regular on the Sydney live music scene, performing in a variety of locations from a late night solo spot in a Manly bar to a lazy Sunday afternoon in one of the many clubs in Sydney’s Inner West. In June 2015, the internet went nuts over Liam’s elaborate marriage proposal and music video. Clocking up 2 million views in its first two weeks on YouTube, the video has continued to attract attention and now has almost 8 million views. Bombarding social media feeds around the world, it attracted major mainstream media attention from BuzzFeed to Time Magazine, with national Australian television news coverage on channels Seven and Nine. Liam’s video literally became a hit, overnight. Liam premiered his brand new original show Kings of the Keys in August 2018. Billy Joel, Elton John, Ray Charles, Freddie Mercury, Peter Allen… the list goes on. Kings of the Keys celebrates the timeless music of illustrious rock and roll piano royalty. This show is more than just a tribute to the artists, it is a true celebration of the music and its inspiration.

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