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Multi-Wear Convertible Gowns For Modern Brides

The perfect wedding dress search is equal parts exciting and challenging, as it is difficult to find one dress that satisfies all your bridal dreams. A statement gown for the ceremony is probably not comfortable enough to dance in for the reception, not to mention that it is hard to choose between various styles and colors; however, getting multiple gowns may not be an affordable option for every bride. To fulfill all your dream looks in just one dress, Emcee Bridal, by Meichi presents the Infinity Wedding Gown Collection, featuring thoughtfully designed multi-purpose gowns that offer brides the freedom to present a multitude of looks. What amazed us the most is that these magical designs are definitely not the average convertible dresses you’ve seen; think of the ability to easily transform from a statement ball gown to sleek pants, and having a lace romper, an elegant sheath, and a fairy tale ball gown all in one! Read on to discover the story behind these beautiful creations, and how they can bring out the best of you on your special day.

Infinity Wedding Gown Design Inspiration

The “Infinity Wedding Gown” collection by Emcee Bridal, byMeichi is a sophisticated and innovative line of bridal wear which allows brides to create multiple interchangeable looks for different sessions of their wedding day with just one gown – switching the look easily between elegant, classy and even fun! This collection is perfect for contemporary brides who prefer versatility, elegance, comfort and practicality, all in one.

For 2019, we injected colours to the collection to give a fresh breath of air for brides who wish to walk down the aisle looking exquisitely different. Trending colours in 2019 like sage and coral are used in this latest collection for brides who wish to move away from the common color choices. Thoughtfulness is also put to modern silhouettes with a wedding jumpsuit design that can be easily used even beyond the wedding.

Each base gown is made-to-measure to fit each bride’s body individually, which is then paired with various toppers, overlays and underlays that seamlessly and elegantly change the look of the dress, taking creative tailoring to a whole new level.

Thoughts from the Designer

Meichi Phoon: This year’s collection saw the team continuing to push boundaries in bridal-wear creations with new looks for practical modern brides. As the principal designer, I have always felt a strong passion for telling a bride’s story through what she wears. The Infinity Wedding Gowns are a fresh approach to the bridal-wears, allowing brides more freedom in terms of the looks that they want from their dress while keeping gorgeous and fashionable throughout their Big Day.

The Looks

Deana – A strapless gown detailed with full beads that gives a classy clean look for brides. Add on a sleek organdy overlay to showcase the charm in you or go soft with a draped tulle overlay that flows perfectly to complement your body.

Chiara – A dress that breaks away from the usual white, Chiara is made with tulle in fresh trendy hues. Sage and coral fulfills a bride’s dream to look different on her big day. Pair the hand draped top with skirt to create a dreamy look or go with pants to bring out the fun in you.

Gabrielle – This lace romper base brings out the fun while the precise beads over the arms project elegance. Enhance the dress with a ruffled organdy skirt or a strapless beaded overlay to complement the classiness in you.

About Emcee Bridal, by Meichi

Emcee Bridal, byMeichi is the brainchild of Malaysian fashion designer Meichi Phoon. Equipped with the art of precise tailoring and an eye for creating practical yet trendy pieces, Meichi started her own ready-to-wear line in 2009. Since 2013, Meichi started designing customised pieces upon request; each masterpiece is thoughtfully designed and sewn with its proud owner’s personal story and style in mind. Versatility and practicality are two common traits found in byMeichi’s design style.

Visit the website for further gown designs:

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