Hey Lovers :)

So who am I?! I guess these days you'd call me a multidisciplinary designer. LOL!

Technically speaking, I'm an Interior Designer who loves designing restaurants, but my real passion lies within the whimsical, the fantastical and the colourful (so very un-Melbourne of me!)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE designing spaces, I always have and I always will. As a child I was constantly changing my bedroom around, testing out new arrangements to see what felt best. I loved how a space would unleash a new persona within, but these days I've shifted the focus back to creating with my hands.

At uni I was taught about 'interiorisation'. I mean I can't deny it sounds ridiculously wanky BUT the idea behind that preposterous word is that ANYTHING is an interior. A conversation is an interior, your mood is an interior, a scent is an interior, a sound is an interior and your look is an interior.

So if we look at it in that light, I'm still designing interiors. I've just shifted my focus from restaurants to you! You're all my walking, talking, gorgeous-as-all-hell interiors, and I couldn't be prouder!

With that in mind, if you've come here looking for a t-shirt, you can go nab yourself one here. Or should you be after some accessories, you can always see whats on offer here.

And lastly but most certainly not least-ly, if you're after a custom crown and or veil, you can always drop me a line here and we can start interiorising the sh*t out of your special day! :))))))))


Lots of Love,


Fen xo


Kensington VIC 3031, Australia

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