Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

What do you need to know about choosing a Celebrant? What do you actually need to do to (legally) get married? And how do we find out what we need to include in our ceremony?

Leave this all to me! I’d love to take you both for an obligation free meet up to answer all of your ceremony questions. The real question is… coffee or wine?

When you book me as your Celebrant, all of the following is included:

- A comprehensive ceremony information pack including lots of information on legals and inspiration for your ceremony inclusions (readings, vows and so on)

- An official face to face planning meeting where we will lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage and collaborate on your ceremony (and if this meeting is not enough, I am always happy to catch up for another one!)

- Unlimited phone call and email communication with quick response times

- The crafting of a bespoke, personal wedding ceremony (which will be a reflection of what you want, drafts provided and approved prior to the wedding day)

- An on-site rehearsal of your ceremony

- The solemnisation of your marriage and delivery of your wedding ceremony with use of my PA system

- Preparation and lodgement of all legal documentation

- A keepsake copy of the script of your ceremony, your personalised vow palm cards and official commemorative copy of your wedding certificate


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  • Ashley
    December 11, 2020 at 11:45 pm

    People aren’t wrong when they say that your wedding is one of the most incredible days of your life. You’ve found the person who makes your love eclipse even the sun. When you look at them, you feel a sense of otherworldly connection because somehow, it’s so easy to see the future in their eyes. After planning your special day for a little while you’ve chosen the right flowers, the perfect tableware and (exasperatedly) curated a list of your nearest and dearest. You’ve got the visual aesthetic nailed alongside an amazing assortment of music, and it’s time to choose the right person to tie EVERYTHING together.

    I know the frustration that comes from deciding things like ‘will these alabaster napkins match the stone-coloured dinner candles?’ or ‘can I sit my Uncle Joe on the same table as my fiancé’s Uncle Terry?’. Tina makes choosing your celebrant EASY.

    Tina is not only the most amazing wedding celebrant, but such a genuine, caring and thoughtful human being. The service and attention provided at your first meeting is above and beyond which continues all the way through to (and even beyond) your wedding day. Tina can read between the lines to pick out what it is that makes your love so unique and uses her intuition and craftsmanship to create a ceremony that is absolutely you, and absolutely perfect.

    At our ceremony rehearsal Tina met a few of my family members. My 90 year old ethnic Grandfather excitedly spoke pidgin English whilst regaling her with stories of ‘the old country’. Rather than being intimidated or confused as happens with some people, Tina jumped right in to conversation and bought the biggest smile to his face. On our big day, my Grandfather was excited to see Tina, and even more excited to take a selfie with her after the ceremony. That photo is one of his favourites recently and he fondly reminisces about the day and his interaction with Tina.

    If something is important to you, it’s important to Tina. There’s something so humanising and wonderful when somebody understands the significance of something that you may hold dear even if they may not have any personal connection.

    Our day went off without a hitch and our ceremony was perfect. There were many happy tears and I love looking back at our ceremony which reflected our love so flawlessly.

    I’ve been to a lot of weddings in my time and my goodness there are some interesting celebrants out there… Don’t take the gamble! Planning a destination wedding? Fly this woman out to be with you! Tina is an investment that will make you feel so thankful when reminiscing about your wedding day. In due time, your family and friends won’t remember the décor or dress, but they will remember the way that they felt when you exchanged vows with your soulmate.

    Thank you so much for being our celebrant, Tina! If we could do it over again, you’d forever be our first choice. The world is so lucky to have somebody like you in it to officiate people’s love. Let’s do it all again in 10 years’ time at our vow renewal!

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