Dine-Rite's premium surgical stainless steel cookware allows you to cook with minimum water and minimum fat making every dish better for mind and body. Additionally, it saves the environment and your wallet everytime you cook in it, as it allows you to cook most dishes on medium to low temperature. All of your current Dine-Rite pieces can be used on gas, electric, induction cook tops or in the oven. Call us to find out more!!

Why Dine Rite?

Do you want to make a solid investment in your family's health by using a quality product? 
It's amazing how we think nothing of spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on tools for our profession, yet don't give a second thought about the utensils that bring food to our mouths and sustain our lives. Why shouldn't one of life's biggest responsibilities be looking after your families health? Dine-Rite cookware will last forever and encourage you to cook healthy meals.

What exactly is Minimum Moisture Cookware?
Dine-Rites cookware system simply works by cooking with less water, heat and air. Excessive amounts of water, heat and air will destroy most if not all the nutrients from your food.

For faster more even cooking Dine-Rite cookware features a 5 ply construction with a thick core designed to give you even heat distribution. The multi layered core conducts the heat across the bottom and up the sides of every piece of cookware for even heat efficiency thus eliminating hot spots.

Minimum moisture cooking
Research has proven that the best cooking method involves cooking in a vacuum at low temperatures with a minimum amount of water, ensuring vitamins and minerals are locked into the food. The result is food that looks better, tastes better and is much better for your health!




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