Isn’t it just the best feeling when you begin planning to go on holiday?

Not even a glass of red after a long day, can top that incredible feeling, right?

(Ok, ok they are probably about the same)

The point is, at the Metro Travel Haus; we get it. We know you want an unforgettable trip.

After 15 years of crafting tailored itineraries for people just like you, we’ve learnt a thing or two, about what makes an incredible holiday.

The Metro Experience

At the Metro Travel Haus, our job as Travel Experts isn’t over, the moment we’ve finished handcrafting your itinerary.

In fact, it’s only the beginning.

You see, the Metro Travel experience includes more than simply “booking your holiday”.

That would be like us making you a cup of tea, but forgetting to put the tea bag in there; and well- that’s just not us!

You deserve that delicious, warm cup of tea, with some home-made cookies beside it. Just like you deserve an unforgettable holiday, that is tailored to your unique personality and travelling dreams.

We take care of ALL of the details. From ensuring you get the best possible rate and experience, to looking after any changes in your travel plans, while you are away.

Our job is to make sure your trip runs smoothly whilst providing you with a point of contact, shall you need our assistance before, during or after your holiday.

So put your feet up, call the waiter and hit “start” on the holiday mode button; it’s time for you to enjoy your handcrafted itinerary.

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