Top 10 Wedding Photography Tips

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Your wedding photographs are bound to be some of you and your spouse’s most cherished belongings as you go through life together. Between the wedding preparations, the ceremony, and the reception, your big day tends to go by in a flash! So it’s really nice to have images from the day to look back on in the coming years.

However, wedding photography can be a little tricky if you turn up unprepared. Wedding photographers are adept at turning even the most rushed or less-than-ideal situation into beautiful images, but if you want to make your bridal photoshoot a roaring success, you can do a few things to help them out!

We’ve collected ten wedding photography tips for brides that you can easily incorporate into your special day to make your wedding photos truly amazing, and something you’ll look back on with pride through the years.

1. Find the right photographer

This should go without saying, but you need to do your research and find the best photographer that suits your taste! Every photographer has their own signature approach, and just like any other artist, they shouldn’t be expected to copy someone else’s look.

It’s really important to make sure that you know the look you’re after, and communicate that with the right photographer. A great way to do this is to create a shortlist of three to five photographers whose portfolios suit your vision, and create a mood board on Pinterest that you can share with them to see if you’re on the same page.

2. Get a good make-up artist

No matter what look you’re after, getting a good make-up artist can be the difference between wedding photos you cringe at and hide away, or wedding photos that you proudly display on your lounge room walls.

Just as you did when you chose a photographer, you first need to find a makeup artist whose portfolio resonates with you and suits your style. Here’s a pro tip: always go for a makeup style that is similar to your everyday look. You want your beloved to recognise their bride on your special day!

3.  Get your props ready

If you’re using any props, make sure they are available and close by on the date. Props can be as small as a chalkboard or as large as a 3 meter tall floral backdrop, so it all depends on what style you’re after. If you’re hiring your props for the day, it’s also really important to put someone in charge of making sure the props don’t go missing!

We highly recommend having a few smaller props nearby that you can hold with your hands. These will act as something you can interact with, and will make your photos seem a lot more candid and natural. A wedding bouquet is a good example of this, but even a dainty handkerchief or a small piece of paper with your written vows can work.

4. Find a few different spots to shoot in

Before your wedding day, make sure to scout your wedding venue and decide on a few key locations where you can shoot your photos on your wedding day. This can usually be done on your tour of the venue before you reserve it.

It should be noted that your photographer will likely do the same on the day of the wedding, so you don’t have to stress too much about it. But if you look around and decide that you must have photos at a specific spot, it’s better to let them know beforehand so they add it to their plans!

5. Have your touch-up tools at the ready

No matter how good your makeup looks when it first goes on, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll need a touch-up at some point in the day. Most make-up artists won’t stay through the duration of your wedding, so you need to be equipped to handle these touch-ups yourself.

A professional wedding make-up artist should supply you with a small jar of your lipstick, blotting paper, and maybe even a little bit of loose powder. Make sure your maid of honour has these on hand for when you need it!

6. Prepare a list of poses, and practice them

There are a lot of resources online where you can find examples of couples poses. Don’t limit your searches to wedding photos – sometimes engagement shoots or even magazine editorials have lovely poses that can be tweaked for your wedding photos.

Things to keep in mind when coming up with your list: you need to be comfortable doing them, they should be flattering to both you and your partner, and the poses should always compliment your dress!

7. Have a list of family and friends you’d like to take photos with

Trust us when we say your wedding day goes by in a blur! Unfortunately, this has resulted in more than a few brides realising that they completely forgot to take photos with some of their loved ones.

To avoid this, make sure you create a list of people you want to have your photos taken with. Here’s an idea of who you can include, just to get you started:

  • Both sets of parents
  • All the grandparents
  • Siblings
  • Wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen)
  • Special children in your lives (especially if they’re your own!)

8. Capture the details

When looking back at your wedding, it’s the little details that will trigger the most specific memories. A photo of your perfume on the day, or a close-up of your wedding bouquet will immediately call to mind the scents of the day. An image of your shoes, or even your bare feet on the grass, will remind you of walking down the aisle. So make sure to capture the details!

If you decide to follow the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ tradition, make sure to capture the four items you chose too. It’ll make for some really fond memories down the road.

[Suggestion: link the ‘something old, something new…’ line to the blog post about it]

9. Plan out suitable spots for your photographer

On your wedding day, while you’re getting ready, your photographer will be planning out where they’ll sit or stand during different parts of your wedding. Make it a little easier for them to capture your special moments by planning out different areas for them to be stationed during the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

Your chosen spots should have an uninterrupted view of you and your new spouse, and should also be comfortable for them. Remember, photographers will likely choose their own spots on the day based on the lighting and their preferences, so be flexible about this too.

10. Allow time for your photoshoot!

While your photographer will do their best to capture moments during your wedding, you should also schedule time to sneak away and shoot some photos in a place that is removed from the hustle and bustle of your wedding.

Just half an hour between your ceremony and reception, or even after dinner and before dancing, can be enough for your photographer to capture some beautiful poses against gorgeous backdrops. If your photographer wants a specific light – like, say, the golden hour – you might just have to squeeze in that time into your day somehow!

Memories that last a lifetime

The images from your wedding day will be special to you, no matter what. But if you want beautiful results, then using the tips above will be sure to make your bridal photoshoot go without a hitch.

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