Wedding Planning: Your Bridal Beauty Timeline!

Brides often get so preoccupied with their wedding planning – like who gets seated next to whom, and what flowers should be in the centerpieces – that they sometimes forget to focus on themselves!

Well, we’re here to remind you brides to commit some time to a little self-care during your wedding planning. We’re also committed to making every part of your wedding process really easy, which is why we’ve prepared this comprehensive list of all the beauty-related things you need to do before your big day.

Read on to find out what you need to do in the months preceding your wedding, and when you need to do them!

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Six Months Before! What to DO!

In the six months before your wedding, what you’re mostly doing is planning ahead! It’s really important that you set appointments early on so you can count on getting things done on time, and with the right people too.

    If you don’t already have a dermatologist, this is the time to start seeing one! Wedding planning can be a stressful affair, which can wreak havoc on your skin. That’s why it’s important to address any existing issues with your dermatologist, and come up with a skincare plan to resolve those issues. Make additional appointments for 3 months time and also a week before your wedding to make sure your skin is in tip top condition for your wedding!
    The next few months will be stressful, and can negatively impact your overall health. Working with a nutritionist and personal trainer will ensure that you’re feeling your best throughout the process, and on the day itself. It’s important to be realistic about your goals, and don’t start any fad diets or aggressive weight loss plans – always make your health a priority!

    You need to figure out how to manage your haircut and colour to achieve the look you want for your wedding, so work with your hairstylist to come up with a plan for the coming months. Book all your hair appointments for the next six months in advance, including trims and colour touch-ups – it should be every 8 weeks or so. You should also address any hair issues and start on a feasible routine to maintain your hair condition.
  • BOOK FOR A HAIR AND MAKEUP TRIAL We highly recommend that you book both your hair and makeup appointments on the same day! This is the best way for you to accurately see how the whole look comes together. You should bring all your photo references for the style of hair and makeup that you’re after.
    Put the tweezers down, and make an appointment to see an eyebrow technician three months before your wedding. This way, they’ll have more to work with in terms of shaping your brows before the big day.
    If you’d like to remove hair from certain areas on your body, it’s best to start on laser hair removal at this point. For best results, your laser hair removal should be done in 6-8 appointments about 3 weeks apart (depending on the area), so book those appointments ahead of time for the coming months.
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Now it’s all about maintenance! You need to see if your beauty regimen is going well, and make changes if any are needed. Remember to keep open lines of communication with all the people on your glam squad so you’re on the same page!

Begin regular manicures and pedicures
This is vital to ensure your nails and cuticles remain healthy and in good shape. You should aim to see your nail technician every 3-4 weeks. Avoid anything that will damage nails, including acrylics and SNS, and stick to regular nail polish or bare nails instead.

Get a facial
Make sure you get a facial that is tailored to your skin issues and in line with your dermatologist’s advice. If you’re happy with the results, book another two appointments for 8 weeks and one week before the wedding.

Get your hair and makeup trial done
Don’t forget to bring your reference photos again, and take photos from every angle, even the back! Consider also having a “back-up” hairstyle, just in case of inclement weather on the day itself. Make sure to keep your makeup on throughout the day to see if it holds up well.

See your hairstylist for a trim and colour touch-up
It’s important to maintain the shape and colour of your hair in the lead-up to your wedding, particularly if you’re really happy with your hair trial.

Consult with your nutritionist and personal trainer
See if you need to tweak your plan or address any issues that have come up. Definitely ask them for advice about realistically managing your diet and exercise as things get busier and busier!

Get a spray tan
If you’re planning on getting a spray tan for your wedding day, consider this a trial to see if the shade and depth of the tan suits you. Also consider how long it takes to fully process, and which day post-appointment does your skin look its best. This will make it easier for you to decide when to get a spray tan for your wedding.

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By now, you’ll be looking the best you’ve ever been, and all that’s left is a little bit of maintenance for your hair and skin.

Have a final cut and colour appointment with your hairstylist
Make sure you don’t touch your hair again till after your wedding!

Get a facial
This is especially important if you’re having any extractions or chemical exfoliation done, because it gives your skin a chance to settle down before the wedding.

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You should have this entire week off from work, so now’s the time for some much-needed relaxation! But don’t forget to invest in your beauty a little bit more so you’ll look fabulous on your special day.

Take a day off to pamper yourself! At the very least, your pampering spa day should include a massage, soak bath, and body scrub. Some cultures swear by herbal and floral baths, so that could be something to consider as well! Top it all off with a relaxing deep oil massage.

If you haven’t had laser hair removal and to wax your facial and body hair off instead, now is the time as this will allow for any irritation to settle down before the big day.

You don’t want to risk injuring yourself or feeling sore on the day!

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Nothing much left to do, you gorgeous gal! Now it’s all about the anticipation…just 24 hours till you’re a Mrs!

Get a relaxing massage
It’s so important that you do everything you can to relax and de-stress, and massages are a great way to do that.

Shampoo your hair
This should only be done the day before if your bridal hairstylist prefers day-old hair. If they’ve mentioned that they prefer freshly washed hair, do this the day of your wedding instead.

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  • Wake up and have a glass of water
    This is a great way to feel refreshed and hydrated first thing in the morning.

    Eat a light but filling breakfast
    You don’t want to feel tired and groggy all day, so make sure you start off with a high-protein breakfast with a little bit of complex carbs to keep you going.
  • Do a simply DIY facial routine for yourself
    Make sure you focus on gentle hydration and ample circulation, as this will ensure your makeup looks amazing! All you need to do is cleanse, tone, apply a hydrating sheet mask, followed by a facial massage. If you need to hydrate even more, apply a moisturiser at the end.
  • Start your hair and makeup three to four hours before
    Wear a robe or a loose button-up shirt. Also make sure to have some snacks and a bottle of water nearby, because you need to remain nourished and hydrated! Try to stay relaxed, maybe even take a nap if possible. Alternatively, make a girly time of it with your bridesmaids and female relatives! Get some music going, a little bit of catering, and a whole lot of laughter. That’ll be sure to loosen you up!

    Fifteen minutes before
    This is when you do a last touch up on your makeup and hair. It’s also a good time to meditate or do some deep breathing/relaxation exercises to relieve any anxiety you may be feeling.
  • Walk down the aisle to the love of your life, and start on a beautiful adventure together!

Bridal Beauty Vendors At Your Fingertips…..

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