Will Teeth Whitening Work for Me?

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Teeth whitening: The process of using bleach/other materials to remove stains/discolouration from the tooth surface to make teeth look whiter. 

Nowadays, teeth whitening is becoming more and more popular. People want the appearance of whiter and brighter teeth, and we love that we’re able to provide that service. 

On our past blogs, we’ve mentioned the ideal candidates for teeth whitening. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work for everyone. People whose teeth are more yellow in colour are more likely to get a better result than those with a blueish-grey hue to their teeth. We’ve also found, throughout the years we’ve been providing this service, some teeth can only whiten to a certain extent. 

When our permanent teeth come out, they are generally naturally whiter. It’s a combination of what we eat/drink/do, as well as ageing, that stain and discolour our teeth. 

In the case of blueish-grey teeth, these are some of the causes.

  • Early antibiotic exposure: Specifically, to the antibiotic Tetracycline. Early exposure as a child could result in the adult teeth coming out with a blueish-grey colour, which is permanent.
  • Dental repairs: Silver-coloured fillings that are used to treat cavities.
  • Dead teeth
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Teeth whitening can still improve the appearance of blueish-grey teeth, however there is no guarantee they’ll get the same results compared to someone with yellow teeth. The best way to treat blueish-grey teeth would be to go to your dentist and discuss your options. 

We also mentioned that some teeth can be whitened, but only to a certain extent. Therefore, our shade guide is so important when we start a treatment. Our shade guide ranges from S40 – S2, S40 being the darkest and S2 being the whitest. As much as possible, we want to give our clients the best results, but more importantly, the clearest expectation. Even though our adult teeth are naturally whiter (unless there are special circumstances), some people can have natural whiter teeth than others. This means some people’s teeth have the potential to go almost as white as paper, while others only the first 8 shades (a 1-hour treatment from us). 

Whatever the case, we want to help you achieve the best smile you can have. So, come on in to our salons and let’s discuss if how we can help whiten your teeth. We can whiten your teeth at our Parramatta and Penrith salons.

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