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With freedom day finally in sight for the people of NSW, now is the time to start planning your event or  getting the existing cogs in motion. For those elopement style ceremonies, we already have lift off.  

You’ve booked the venue, chosen your attendants, thought about your favourite blooms, invitations,  props, logistics, attire, guests and most importantly, getting married! 

If you choose to go with a civil ceremony, your options are plentiful. 

Firstly, you will of course need to appoint a Marriage Celebrant you feel comfortable with.

Together you will proceed with the necessary paperwork and establish a rapport for creating the  perfect ceremony. 

Ceremony Checklist: 

Date/Place/Time ✅

Meet and greet with Celebrant ✅ 

Notice of Intended Marriage ✅ 

Proof of ID – Passports OR Birth Certificate and DL/Photo ID ✅ 

Questionnaire about you and yours ✅ 

Order of service ✅ 

Vows ✅ 

Draft copy of ceremony ✅ 

Witnesses ✅ 

Rehearsal ✅ 

Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage ✅ 

Final ceremony ✅ 

Your marriage celebrant will endeavour to get to know you as much as possible, in order to personalise  the event and make it reflect your past, present and future together.

The legal vows must be included in the ceremony, however, you have the option to enhance these by adding your own sentiments to one another. 

I’ve heard all kinds of awesome pledges and observations from couples over the years.  

Depending on your perspective, your style of delivery may be that of a die hard romantic, a negotiator, a straight shooter or a bit of a comic. 

Apart from the legal components, your nuptials need not be published, scripted or poetic.  

They can be emotional, light hearted, solemn, funny, or all of the above. 

The main objective is that they resonate with your partner and engage your family and friends. I advise my couples not to get too hung up about them as they are just building blocks. 

These expressions reach other dimensions as your married life develops, along with new and  reaffirmed commitments. 


Here’s a quick hack if you’ve hit a wall with your vows 

When you think about your other half…. 

What makes you laugh?

What makes you shake your head?

What takes your breath away?

And ultimately, what makes you love?

Creating your ceremony is my favourite part of the job. 

It draws on my years of event industry experience in demographics, planning and management. Your I do’s will be the pivotal launch of your big day. 

I will ensure that we kickstart the event with a bang….that’s my vow to you! 

Cheers! @makemydaytina 

Written by:

Tina Hoffman Larssen

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