3 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Hens Night

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Are you in charge of organising your friend’s upcoming hens night? Want to avoid penis straws, tacky tiaras and walks of shame, but have no idea what to organise?

Don’t worry, we feel you! Drunken pub crawls might seem like the only option for pre-wedding celebrations, but you don’t have to follow suit. 

There are actually *so many* other fun ways to celebrate an upcoming wedding. You just need a little help from people in the know. 

So here are 3 tips for organising an unforgettable hens night for your favourite person. 

1. Consider their personality 

It’s tempting to just throw a big party or organise something small. But remember, your event should reflect the personality of your guest of honour. Besides, you don’t want them to feel under or overwhelmed.

So our first tip for organising an unforgettable hens night is to define your friend’s preferred way of socialising. 

Do they prefer one-on-one catch-ups? Keeping it intimate might be a good idea. Or do Friday night drinks usually get rowdy? Bigger is the way to go. The best hens nights are the ones that suit the main guest.

2. Plan around their interests

Don’t want to come right out and ask your friend what they want to do for their party? No worries. Get an idea of how they usually spend their time aka find out their hobbies.

Do they love to bake? A cookie decorating workshop would be perfect! Do they have a growing collection of indoor plants? Um, hello Kokedama and Terrarium class. Always making new things? Macrame could be your answer. 

Workshops not only teach you a new skill, but they provide a space to connect with your friends in a relaxed setting. Your guest of honour will leave feeling empowered, creative and accomplished.

3. Don’t forget the extras

Do your guests love a wine or two (or three)? Well, an upcoming wedding is a perfect excuse for you and your friends to let their hair down! Remember to organise enough drinks for everyone. 

Same with food. It’s easier to plan an all-inclusive get-together than organise a separate meal after your event. You can all relax, have a bite to eat, and sip on drinks while you celebrate.

And you’ll want to remember the laughs. So consider organising a photographer to capture the event (so you can enjoy it too) or hire a photobooth for the night. It’s up to you!

H2: House of Hobby Hens Nights

Ready to plan an unforgettable hens? House of Hobby hosts a variety of creative workshops for pre-wedding parties. We bring like-minded women together to have fun, get creative and make memories.

Choose a workshop (or suggest one) and we can take care of food and drinks. We can even book a photographer to capture the magic. 

Ready to start planning?

Contact the House of Hobby events crew on – [email protected]

Author: House of Hobby

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